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Mitsubishi Service Centre Reviews

Latest Reviews

"Appreciated the service and quick reply in regards to having our windshield replaced. The staff are friendly and courteous. The extra touch of vacuuming our Outlander was truly appreciated."
"Just finished my service appointment and felt i needed to leave a review. After previous poor experiences with the Service Department I thought I would give this place one more try. Knowing there was a recall on my car i figured i would book an appointment for an oil change and tire swap as well. Called a week in advance and was told it was a 2 hour appointment. Now this made sense because an oil change and tire swap takes less than an hour so i guessed the recall was another hour. Showed up for my 11am appointment 10 minutes early only to be told by the Service Manager(Robert) that his employee who has worked there for 3 years did not know what he was talking about and that the recall alone would take 2hrs. Now this is not the first time that something like this happened so i guess I'm the fool for coming back. Since i didn't not make the appropriate arrangements to spend half a day there i had no choice but to refuse the recall work. As Robert put it its not that important anyway, so why the recall then? The part that i found even more frustrating was that it took an hour and ten minutes for my car to even make it into the shop. So instead of trying to make up for there mistake and getting me in and out as quickly as possible they failed at that as well, i had to wait over 2hrs for what should have been 40 minutes of work. As Robert commented, this is how things go. Well why make an appointment if they are not willing to honor it. Clearly there are some issues and challenges that surround the service department and although Robert may or may not be a nice person but his handling of the situation leaves a lot to be desired. "