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Jaguar Service Centre Reviews

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"Service of my vehicle was excellent with the exception that it appears that my front licence plate chrome cover was damaged - bent and twisted. Instead of informing me of the issue and suggesting a replacement. Some individual just placed the damaged cover in my back seat. I did not notice it until a few days later. I would have expected a higher level of professionalism than that from the service team. I now have to replace both covers at my own expense in order to have them match. "
F Pace Driver
"I bought my Jag F Pace the same year I bought a new Toyota Highlander. There was no comparison on the time spent to teach me how to use all the amenities in the car. The Jag experience was cursory. The Toyota staff in contrast were excited to show me all the car could do. I had an AC issue and cracked windshield that needed servicing. It took 4 days to be repaired. I was never given a time line for the repair from the service rep and spend the first day waiting for a call to pick it up. When I called the next morning I was told that there it would be another day. This was fine as I had a loaner it just would have been nice to know this from the outset. Better communication would help. "