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Vu Hoang
Vu  Hoang, Sales Associate, Subaru Calgary
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Vu Hoang

Sales Associate

Subaru Calgary

1100 Meridian Rd NE
Calgary, AB T2A 2N9

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11 mos

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11 mos

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1 Review of Vu Hoang

August 21, 2018

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"Worst car buying experience ended up with a refund"

- Merrie

I purchased a 2013 Honda Civic LX from this dealership. The first person I spoke with was Vu. He introduced me to his manager, Amez, who I found out later on wasnt even part of the management team.. they were both immature.. Vu promised to replace the bumper of the car (it had a hole).. 2 weeks gone by and I still havent got the car.. I got exuses like the bumper was being installed the very same day I asked... then a couple days later they were waiting for the bumper to arrive.. then stopped responding.. I had everything on text messages so I had screenshots sent later on... I sent an Email to Ryan to, coz he received my payment, didnt get a response either. So i decided to Email Mike, coz their website said he was the VP.. I never got a response or acknowledgement from him but at least that same day everyone started responding to me.. it’s so unfortunate that I had to go that route to get a response from Subaru Calgary.. After that bad experience with them, I finally got a schedule to pick up “my” car.. Dylan had been assisting me at this point and he is a very kind hearted, honest person.. The day I was going to pick up the car, Taylor had given me a call around lunch time and said he was inspecting the car and it was ready for pick up... Dylan gave me a call at 4:30pm.. and said the bumper was green (car was black)... I was upset but whatever, it was the wrong pantone and they were willing to fix their mistake so I left the car and they gave me a loaner vehicle. They told me the car would be ready the next day.. it wasnt ready.. it extended another day, sure, no problem.. i got the car.. then not even a day had passed and the bumper started bubbling.. that very night I sent Dylan a text message and he immediately responded.. we scheduled to get the car bumper fixed again.. I drove the car back to the dealership to get the paint fixed... 2 days later I got a call that the car was ready.. I went late that afternoon.. guess what.. paint started bubbling again and I havent even driven the car home.. they called the 3rd party guy that did the painting and the guy blamed the heat of the sun for the bubbling..he said he needed a week for the paint to not bubble.. I said okay.. Over a week later, we scheduled the pick up date.. I got there, “my car” was not there.. at this point I have had enough.. like I’ve driven the loaner car more than “my car”.. so I asked for a refund.. I sent an email again to Mike.. I got a phone call from Vijay who offered me 2 years free service after I told him that it’s the “service” that I didnt want.. and I insisted that I wanted a refund and Vijay said they cant give refunds to financed vehicles.. well good thing I paid in cash.. it’s just funny that he didnt even bother reading the file before talking to me... anyway, when I told him that it was paid in full, he told me that they will keep the tax that I paid.. how is that a refund if I dont get my full money back? Obviously, he was trying to take some of my money even if I didnt want to give my business there anymore.. I wanted to talk to someone who can make proper decisions and finally spoke with Cory who agreed to give a full refund.. unfortunately it was thru him that I found out, the bumper was never replaced (it made me feel so bad coz I was lied to by Vu).. apparently it was just patched.. anyway, at least I got my refund... it would have been nice if they communicated a timeline better.. over a week later I finally got my money back.. It was the worst car buying experience I have ever had but It turned out okay... I guess... even after a long wait... coz I at least got my refund and was able to give my business elsewhere..

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