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Logan James
Logan James at Davis Chevrolet
not yet rated

Logan James

Product Specialist

Davis Chevrolet

149 East Lake Crescent N.E.
Airdrie, AB T4A 2H7

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1 Review of Logan James

July 04, 2019

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"Repeated issues after buying Certified truck * updated july1"

- mikez

We purchased a 2016 Duramax Silverado from Davis. On the test drive I noticed that the wheel wasnt straight and it pulled to one side. I had asked the sales man to make sure that the truck got a wheel alignment prior to us picking it up, which he said would be done. We picked the truck up, and as soon as we left, i noticed that it still did the same thing. however we were busy (it was a sat) so i was going to wait till monday to discuss. On the Sunday, i took a look under the truck to see if i could see anything going on and noticed there was grease all over the inside of the drivers rim and wheel well. At which time, i again texted/emailed to let the salesman and used sales Manager what issues i was having. as well that weekend we noticed that the back up camera was full of condensation ( on our test drive we thought it was just dirty). we were told to bring it in on weds and they would look. we did. I explained to the service adviser my concerns and issues, 1.Grease in wheel and a hole in the CV boot i saw 2. Steering was off 3. Pitman arm seemed loose ( i did get under truck and look, as well i mentioned that the front driver tire was feathered wear on outside edge) 4. Camera was cloudy 5. The phone charger in console didn't work we couldn't leave the truck for days as its my wife and 20month old kids only transportation. so they called and told us to come pick it up, as they needed to order parts from the US, and we were heading to Ontario for a wedding that Sat and they could have the truck for a week. We returned and my wife went and picked up the truck. She was told that the steering was fine, the camera wasnt under warranty, ($340) and that the charger worked, even though the GM site said it should charge our phones, it was probably our phones that was the issue. As well we noticed 2 scratches down the passenger front fender that were not there when we had dropped it off. At this point i drove the truck again, and it still seemed like it needed an alignment, so i took it and paid to have one done at another chevrolet dealer (Shaganappi), they did find that it needed an alignment, and also informed us that the CV boot on drivers was leaking. ( this is the same boot that we just had fixed). I again informed Davis, and sent them the information from Shag and told them how upset and disappointed i was. They asked for one last chance to fix and make it right, and i agreed although at this point i didnt feel comfortable. within the next day, a service engine light came on in the truck, so when we dropped it off we asked them to see what it was. I had also asked again that the Used sales manager and or Service manager personally take my truck out on the highway and drive it and feel the steering wander that i still felt (it was better after the alignment but still not completely solved). Neither of them ever took it out. The service manager just kept saying, no its better a tech or head tech take it out. but thats not what i wanted. They called the next day and said the truck was fixed and ready for pickup, however the engine light was for a DEF heater that needed to be ordered from the US and there was no estimated ETA, however because its summer we could drive the truck and they said if it went into limp mode to bring it back. However at this point i was so frustrated that I called Shaganappi and asked their parts department if they could get a DEF heater, and they said YES! they had 4 in stock. !!. I called Davis back and they seemed surprised and asked me to leave the truck and they would get one from Shag and put it in. At this point, I have had enough of the Davis team, and we picked the truck up and tomorrow it will go into Shag to get the parts fixed, as well i spoke with the Service manager and he is going to personally come with me for a drive and let me know what he thinks of the steering. I am so disappointed in the entire Davis team. We also had a very bad experience with the actual buying of the truck and the sales team, that is in another review. I had contacted the dealers group, they put me in contact with Managers. they seemed to care at first, then they slowly disappeared when more issues came up. We are not rich, this was a HUGE purchase for us at 65k for a used truck. We feel that all Davis cares about is the sale, pressuring people into buying vehicles and if there is issues they don't seem to care to take care of their customers. We have given them more then once, twice, three times to make this right. If anyone is thinking that the small town dealer is better, maybe think again. I have again contacted Davis Owners group, as i would hope that maybe if the owners hear the entire story, they can put into place something that others dont have to go through what we are going through. Sincerely Completely disappointed customer. *Update -july 12, 2019 Michael and the management staff at Davis (including owner) have made things right. They dealt with the costs associated with us getting the items dealt with at another dealer. They have reviewed the time line and the incidents and have discussed with all involved. We went to them in the first place for this type of service and relationship. We do prefer small town dealers, we don't feel like a number. We live the truck and now that Davis stepped up and admitted and fixed thier mistakes we believe it was a series of events that weren't typical. We hope the remaining years of service we get from Davis goes as smooth as this last trip. Thanks to Mike and the rest of the people involved.

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Other Employees Tagged: Jordan Laporte, Brennon Monkman , Michael Heddema

Jul 05, 2019

Davis Chevrolet responded

Dear Sir, On behalf of the entire Davis team, I want to extend our sincerest apologies. You are absolutely correct in your timeline of events and the details you describe. Our mandate here, from the owners to the employees is "customer first always" and our collective goal is to make both your sales and service experience an enjoyable, transparent process. Whenever things don't go as intended, we make it our top priority to resolve the situation. We took your initial feedback very seriously, and we were eager to make things right again when the truck came back to us have something go wrong on our second chance was simply not acceptable. We own the situation completely, and we understand the inconvenience that is has placed on you and your family. We have taken several steps into investigating where our process broke down, and what actions are required to ensure that this doesn't occur again. Like every customer, you are spending hard earned money and deserve every consideration. This is something we all service that we expect of ourselves, and we have let you down on several occasions. We understand your disappointment, and the subsequent lack of faith that follows. We are prepared to do what it takes to earn your trust back, and make right on the mistakes that have occurred. We truly value you as a customer, and we do not take your business for granted. I would love the chance to discuss this matter further, and see if there is any chance to right what we have wronged. I can be reached directly at (403) 948-6909, ext 3319. Respectfully, Michael Heddema Fixed Operations Manager

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