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"My name is Mike Higgins and I live in Tiny Township in Simcoe County. I wanted to get an AWD reasonably priced car for my wife who does a lot of driving up here in cottage country. After months of research specifically targeted a Suzuki Kizashi. As this car is very rare in Canada I traveled a lot of Kms to dealerships in Ontario. In October / 17 I saw a Suzuki Kizashi.advertized on Auto Trader at Erin Mills Dodge. I called to ask about its availability and spoke to Dariusz Czachowsk. First of all, I want to make clear I have no association/connection to Erin Mills Dodge. Traveled down to Mississauga the next day. I have in my lifetime bought 20 + cars and many times walked out of dealerships because of a gut feeling / 6 sense about the pushy salespeople/atmosphere etc. The minute I entered this dealership my wife and I felt a welcoming, friendly, family atmosphere. Met with Dariusz Czachowsk took the car for a test drive and liked it. We found Dariusz knowledgeable, down to earth and most important not salesperson pushy. Made my bottom line offer to buy the car and in 5 minutes my wife was the new owner of a Suzuki Kizashi. The reason I have waited 7 months to write this review is as follows. I wanted to make an honest, educated product, experienced driving/reliability review. As many are aware we up here in cottage country experience a long snowy winter. To sum up I want to relate my wife's winter driving experience. She loves this car. AWD stability, reliability, comfort, easy handling and all the extras that come as standard with this car. Our only regret is we cant buy a new Suzuki Kizashi.as they are no longer sold in Canada. I would highly recommend anybody looking to buy a car to visit Dariusz Czachowsk and the Erin Mills Dodge family."
"Auto Island is a great dealership for used cars. I have shopped twice here and I am very satisfied with the cars I purchased. The owner Massood was very helpful with meeting my budget and Max was a good salesperson to work with. Not only did they make shopping for a used car a good experience, they sold me a car that was a good as new. They have a good inventory and Max made sure he worked with my budget and got me a good deal."