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Lisa M
"Being a relatively new driver, I was pleasantly surprised how quick and easy the process was to find a vehicle along with a finance plan that fit all my needs. They also worked a nice warranty in to give me assurance over the next few years. My SX4 suits me perfectly and I've had tons of positive feedback from friends and family. "
"We had a great experience at CMH Leasing with Michael Holder. When we first applied to finance a car, he offered to stay late so we could meet him after work and get the ball rolling. We were approved right away for a loan and once that was finished, he made sure our Suzuki Grand Vitara was safe, reliable and ready to go. The quality of service on our vehicle and to us was great. I would recommend to all my family and friends that CMH Leasing is a great place to finance or buy a vehicle with Michael Holder being the perfect salesman. Thank you for your service! We love our new used vehicle! "