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2 days ago
"I like rovers so I leased another one for 4 years as I would never own one and pay all the repairs they all need - all my rovers so far when brand new! problem is service is getting worse. and on top of it this luxury brand that is far from my home no longer offers free car pick up! It was the case when I paid $95,000 lease, but now year later I have to pay them a fee if I want my car picked up! It's not right - when you sell car to people and tell them you have free pick ups - you should honor it not cancel after car is sold. It is bad enough car is brand new (1 year) and already needs repairs! Changing your mind about free pick up seems bad and deceitful. Not what I would expect from luxury brand. Stay away."
3 days ago
"The team at this dealership made sure that each of my concerns, questions, and criteria were met, and to be honest my expectations were not high because I had already picked out the car long before my visit. However, the team and their ability to communicate and address each stage of the process with such care and enthusiasm exceeded what I could have imagined. I have become a lifelong customer and I am forever grateful; as well as, looking forward to future business. "