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"Dealing with the sales people was good and made me want to purchase the car, also the finance department were very cooperative and made a good follow up."
4 days ago
"I recently had the pleasure of purchasing a vehicle I had found posted online. I have been looking at purchasing a Range Rover for a few years now, so when I found this one I knew I just had to have it. My dad used to be a car salesman, so I put his skills to use. I am afraid he "beat" Kevin up a wee bit, but in the end we managed to make a deal and I drove away extremely happy! I live approx. 5 hours away from Winnipeg, so this deal was literally made over the phone without seeing the vehicle. When we arrived at the dealership, Kevin had the vehicle polished and shined to a T! I would highly recommend this dealership and I would highly recommend Kevin Xi. When I purchase my next vehicle, I will be back Kevin.......and I am bringing my dad. :)"