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"I have been dealing with this dealership since 2014,unfortunately i bought my Range Rover from this dealership, after Selling the vehicle Sale person won't even recognize you and then good luck dealing with service department the most unprofessional Rude service department i have ever dealt with,they will never have car ready after service or repair in same day even if you have scheduled appointment, never can give rental/loner and asking for a ride is embarrassing, and my car was scratched at the dealership while there for repair and they kept it over a week to repair , at drop off time i was told car will be ready in 2 days,but they never called or update and i had to call and force them to get it done, always unpleasant experience, girls on phone always Rude. HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE "
Andrew Milner
4 days ago
"Vehicle was with Budd’s for a full day, to address a recall and other issues following the purchasing of a new vehicle. Not all work was completed. The service centre were planning to calm us back to have the vehicle brought back in to complete the work.No call was received and we never went through the detail of the work that was completed with the service agent. This was not the experience I would expect from a dealer of this caliber."