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Varsity Chrysler Dodge Jeep


448 Lifetime Reviews

665 Goddard Ave NE, Calgary, Alberta T2K 6K1
Call (403) 730-4000

Top Reviewed Employees

Josh Dick at Varsity Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Josh Dick

Finance Manager
Randy Brodeur at Varsity Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Randy Brodeur

Finance Manager
Adam Vincent at Varsity Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Adam Vincent

Sales Consultant
Troy Yuzik at Varsity Chrysler Dodge Jeep

Troy Yuzik

Finance Manager

Latest Reviews

October 03, 2019

"Do not use this service department if you value your time..."

- M Jordan

Do not use this service department if you value your time or money. I had brought my 2014 Dodge Ram into the service department multiple times complaining of a engine noise. The first time at about 94,000kms, at this time they fixed exhaust manifold bolts that they stated were broken. I picked up the truck and immediately noticed there was still a noise from the motor. I contacted the service advisor I was dealing with and was told that they would need to charge me for diagnostics to figure out what the problem was. Even though it was just in for the same problem. I did not want to pay more for a vehicle that was still under engine warranty. The noise continued to get worse so I took it in again at 101,000kms. I got a message from my service advisor that they thought the truck had “bottom end” motor noise, I thought great we can get this fixed! Shortly after I got a message saying “it’s lifter noise”… I questioned this as lifters are a top end engine problem and I was told already the truck had bottom end noise. They did charge me for “diagnostic” at this time and came back stating that the truck was 2 liters low on oil.. and that’s why the lifters are noisy now, funny as I had just done the oil change 1500kms prior. When I questioned the truck burning oil and was told “it’s normal because you drive aggressively (use it for towing)”. So they topped up the oil, charged me for “diagnostic” and told me to pick up the truck. When I went to pick up the truck it stuttered, hesitated to start and was STILL noisy when it eventually did start. Not normal for a 4.5 year old vehicle with barely 100,000kms.. I then took the keys back in without removing the vehicle from their lot and asked them to please do their job in finding out what is actually wrong with the truck in which I got a snarky response of “you don’t want to know what’s wrong ha-ha..”. This is because they knew it had an engine noise which they did not want to get into. Being in the dealership industry myself I have access to online technician bulletins and tips in which I found this is quite a common problem with these trucks and it shouldn’t come to anyone’s surprise that this engine is noisy. So I contacted Chrysler Canada with the problems I was having with the truck and was basically brushed aside due to not being a “loyal customer”.. why would I be a loyal customer to a dealership that clearly is incompetent of finding and fixing problems when I work with highly trained and trustworthy technicians myself. Finding myself without help from either Varsity or Chrysler Canada I decided to take my truck to another Dodge service department for a second opinion. Within 30 mins of the tech starting the vehicle, noting the ABNORMAL motor noise, he had pulled shards of metal out of my motor which has been causing this noise the entire time. I got a call from him stating the motor needed to be replaced!!! Needless to say I was beyond angry at the fact that this whole time varsity was telling me “all is normal” and “nothing to worry about” Chrysler Canada then came back saying I needed to pay $1000.00 out of my pocket for the new motor because the truck is now 4000kms out of warranty. Even though this was all mentioned prior to warranty expiring! So all in all Varsity cost me over $1000.00 dollars and did absolutely nothing! If I would not have not trusted my gut and left the so called “normal” noise alone I would be out I can only imagine over $10,000+ when the engine seized completely. To top it off Chrysler Canada was also not at all helpful at all with backing up their product and I would look elsewhere for your next vehicle purchase and servicing needs.

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Employees Worked With

AJ Bergin, Erin Oakey, service manager, Chrysler canada

September 24, 2019

"Avoid at all costs!!!"

- CR82

3 days ago If I could leave less than one star I would. Avoid this dealership at all cost. They have 0 morals or customer service skills. All they want is the vehicle out the door at all costs. Shady finance practices, sales people that know nothing about their product, half @$$ clean on a 80k vehicle, 0 ability fo finalize the deal (payout customers current loans etc) I had to go between them and our trade in lease holder to get it done. Lies about when things are done, now we have dings on our credit because of their inability to do their jobs. Then when the brand new vehicle has MAJOR issues, won't even take the time to look at it when,as a customer you have had to go out of your way multiple times to go to the dealship because of their mistakes. You ask how this is going to be rectified they give major attitude and refuse any resolve and even tell us to get a lawyer. Not long ago a majority of their staff up and walked out, wish I knew this sooner. Avoid this place like the plauge.

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Employees Worked With

Other Employees : Narin, Marlene, Aaron Johnson

September 04, 2019

"How all dealerships should be"

- Calishark

I was taken care of by Troy like a friend he took his time got it all right and I ended up with a better car than I came for. The showroom is awesome lots of cars to sit in and look at. The waiting area is also very clean and there are multiple drinks available. The bathrooms we're even nice and clean. All together the experience I had was wonderful and I would and will suggest this place to anybody I know who needs a new or used car. I just came back from a roadtrip and wasn't looking my best ( just a bit scrubby) but still was treated with respect by the whole staff. Thank you varsity Chrysler and Troy for a great experience.😁 Also thanks to the shuttle service.

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Employees Worked With

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