Roy Foss Thornhill

Thornhill, ON

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7200 Yonge Street

Thornhill, ON

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September 28, 2022

I've bought 2 vehicles from this dealer many years ago good service but Not the case this time! ( great service back then unfortunately the salesman passed away many years ago ) with my recent experience More
by DP

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unmentioned name

September 21, 2022

It was my first time and new to this company for my car maintenance and satisfied with the service Simone, Moe and Elvis they're very nice and helpful they're excellent !!! More
by elvie560

Employees Worked With

Simone, Moe, and Elvis

September 19, 2022

I ordered a yukon in March 2022 and they took my deposit. The following day I asked if I could change the color of the order but was told it was too late as the order had been accepted by GM. Anyway, I foll More
by JW

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Rick, David, Costa