Mercedes-Benz Oakville Autohaus

Oakville, ON

35 Reviews

300 South Service Rd West

Oakville, ON

L6K 3X5


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August 17, 2022

TERRIBLE Customer Service! ! I had a scheduled 7:30am appointment. They called me after 11am and said they couldn't find my car!! Service guy said it was my fault because i didn More
by sdefaria00

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Service guy was horribly rude, and blaming me!! Some other woman called and didnt have a clue. Couldnt answer any of my questions when i thought my car may of been stolen off their lot.

April 06, 2022

Stay away from this dealership! ! Especially the service department and Miranda nothing but a scam More
by Vaughanrehab

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December 15, 2021

very poor customer service!! Too much to say here. At the end of all the terrible service, they even told me i could not get any Mercedes merch because they had already given me a huge discount on my car (th More
by vj

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