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Automaxx Automotive of Calgary


35 Lifetime Reviews

4914 6 Street NE, Calgary, Alberta T2K 4W5
Call (403) 250-5541

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Kat Maslak, Marketing Coordinator, Automaxx Automotive of Calgary

Kat Maslak

Marketing Coordinator
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Latest Reviews

January 08, 2019

"Very impressed with Automaxx and with Dennis Ebbs"

- Carguy18

What can I say high fives and thumbs up! Automaxx and Dennis Ebbs went out of their way to make sure I was completely happy. Dennis Ebbs went above and beyond to get me into the SUV I wanted, I feel for those that had bad experiences but hey you can have a bad experience at a hamburger place too Thank you Dennis and Automaxx you folks are awesome!!!!

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Employees Worked With

Dennis Ebbs

October 26, 2018


- super999999999

Shifty business practices. Asked for price on car, business manager skirted the question, tried to get me to send an application and would only talk about payments. Asked again sternly and got the runaround Word to the wise, do not deal with places like this that won’t give you the straight facts.

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Employees Worked With

Amerie Novosad

September 19, 2018

"High dollar car "

- Cgy auto maxx hater

Soooo I went to make sure a car was legit and the employees (all of them ) were rude, unknowledgeable, and disrespectful . We ended up buying the car the next day and they wanted their money right away , constantly calling and harassing us till they got paid. It took 3 weeks to deliver the car and when they did deliver it was out of fuel , still never had it working correct and had a bad battery still which they knew about and neglected to change, greasy car salesmen stuff. If you want a car outta gas , to be treated like a child and un knowledgable pompous employees who eat for living I recommend Calgary auto maxx, chris is not a man of his word .

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Employees Worked With

Roberto , chris

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  • Cable TV
  • Customer Lounge Area
  • Free Coffee
  • Free WiFi
  • Instant Financing
  • Vending Machines