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Land Rover Service Centre Reviews

Latest Reviews

"Great staff. Did everything on time . My Range Rover was cleaned and sanitized. The loaner vehicle was clean and ready asked .Keep up the good work Balbir "
"when I first purchased my vehicle, i traded my old one and i had a km deposit with another dealership where i purchased my old vehicle at and they only paid the difference on my pay out even though that was not part of the deal i had my bill of sale. When i came in to request my money back the owner tried to tell me that it was part of the deal during negotiation.. so glad i kept the original bill of sale where it showed it wasnt. They ended up writting me a chque but made me wait all day for it. Two years later, I lost my keys and called to order two new sets for 250 each. My car had to get towed from the lake by the dealership which took over 10 days to get approval from their office. Due to the distance, but i had to keep calling till they finally got somone to come get my car. Once i got to the dearlership, the service guys asked how i was paying and if insurance was involved. After 2 hours waiting for my car they said they couldnt reset the key and i had to purchase a new module. Which the cost would be $3000 plus installation and gst. I was so upset, and the service guy told me to make up my mind as they were not a parking lot to stored vehicles , that they need to know what iwanted done if iwas going to go ahead with the service. I ended up towiing by car to my house . I ended up been referred by a friend to a guy that does keys for all types of vehicles. He came to my house and in 5 mins had my keys done. How?? is it that some guy with no special tools had it done so fast. but my dealership who has techs that specialize on landrover.. couldnt get it done and wanted tme to pay an additional 2500 for it. .. crazy.. !! I also had some recals and issue during my car was still under warranty. I brought it several times and they suppost to have fixed the issues but they continued even after my warranty was over . not they want me to pay for it myself.. i dont recommend anyone going there. They have gone through many differnt management but it si always same bs!. I WOULD NEVER GO THERE AGAIN. Too bad cuz i like their cars but if i ever decide again to purchase a landrover would be at edmonton dealerdship .. they are amazing there. Product is always not the best, had issues with my car from day 1. if i could rate them with less then one star i would! dishonest people! "