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"I would recommend City service department to all that required vehicle servicing. Staff (Faruk) was very helpful with information and quick in call back. Vehicle serviced quicker than expected"
Car nut
"Brought my G8 GT in because the drivers front tire on the inside was wearing significantly faster than the rest of the tire, I also brought a new tire in the trunk to be used to replace the worn one. The print out showed that the car was within factory spec before any adjustments were made but yet it's trashing the drivers front tire. Minor adjustment were made but I'm not sure this will help as I'm sure GM doesn't quote alignment specs that cause bad tire wear which the car was within. I was quoted the wrong price for the alignment and the tire was not mounted as requested until late in the day so they had my car for the whole day. My old tire was not put in the trunk like I asked even though i asked my service adviser a second time before leaving and no print out was given when I paid my inflated bill. I had to make a second trip wasting my time to pick up the paper and my tire. This is the second time I've been refused warranty work at Northgate on 1 of my Chevys the service manager suggested a 50 50 split even though the car was still within the 3 year bumper to bumper. I own 4 Pontiac, 3 Chevrolet a Caddy a Toyota and a Mitsubishi none pull to the right like my G8 that has less than 59000km on it. It's no wonder most people do not go to the dealership once the warranty expires, you can get better service and much greater value at a place like Canadian Tire, Fountain basically anywhere else. This service center doesn't instill confidence in their ability to properly fix your GM vehicle, quote the price your expected to pay at the till or follow a simple request to return personal property or have staff on hand that know their products ie quoting the 2 wheel alignment price on a car that needs a 4 wheel alignment. Not impressed at all."