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"I would leave less than one star if I could. I took my car to star motors to diagnose a problem with the convertible top, sometimes it would stick when opening and On at least one occasion it opened on its own. They were authorized to diagnose the problem only. They went ahead and tried to fix it, they forced the roof and damage the cables beyond repair then told me I had a choice. Pay them $3675. to repair the roof or take it as it was. So I drove the car home with the roof open and now cannot use the car in rain or cold weather. How is this right. Not only that but the headliner is now probably ruined, they left it’s so filthy. It’s a white headliner with Grease and finger marks all over it, they left the greasy cable laying on the carpet in the back, one of the motor covers off. Then they had the nerve to charge for diagnosing the problem. This car was impeccable when they got it, it had been babied all its life, it had less than 40,000 km now due to their negligence I’m looking at almost $4000 in repairs possibly more with the cost of the headliner."
Thankful guy
"This dealership is where I purchased my ram. I have continuously taken my vehicle in for service for over 10 years. Very professional staff in service and body repair. They respond to my questions and enquirers. Superb and honest in every way. "