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Bob Smith
"Okay... over 2 week wait to bring vehicle in,over 2 more weeks to get it fixed. The car lasted less then a month not even 400km on it with the same problem happening again. I can't get in touch with the service rep he'll be back 4 days from now. Even though I left a message and email 6 days before, and talked to someone the day before this saying I'd get called back. No he's not in but O I can set up an appointment to bring the car in mid to early March FFS. It's not a it runs wrong thing right now, it doesn't f'n move. If this xxxx isn't resolved soon I'll have to tow it some other mechanics. Then I'll contact the better business bureau and if something is found wrong start some legal fillings to get my money back. My first time going to these chumps and however this ends my last."
"I just bought a used Electric Smart car over the internet with the help of Bobby McQuire and Katrina Coyle. They were both very professional and knowledgeable. My new ride is on its way by truck from Halifax to Victoria. Big thanks!"