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"Amar and Inder have made the experience of shopping for a pre-owned vehicle feel peaceful and pressure-free. As a human woman, many of my previous experiences at dealerships were ugly and left me feeling taken advantage of and/or treated with contempt. Inder comes across as honest and helpful at finding something that suits my needs. Amar is responsive and has made himself available for all of my questions. I would recommend doing business with them if you are looking for a pre-owned vehicle. I'm still in the process of choosing my car but I wanted to review my experience with their team in case it takes a while. "
Doug G
"Worst dealer experience ever! They held my car hostage and insisted on 6k of repairs to get it back. They went way beyond the scope if the issues I had and a number of the alleged issues were later confirmed as grossly exaggerated or fictitious by other mechanics.. I eventually talked them down to $3700 of repairs and had to sign some liability releases. I drove my car clear across the country with no problems. I guess the alleged issues were not serious enough not to release my car. From my perspective, these guys are crooks! I'm glad I don't live where I have to use their services."