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5 days ago
"We recently purchased a hitch from Allandale Red Deer only to find there were a few missing parts in the box. One call to Kaitlin, parts manager was all it took. The missing parts were delivered by courier the next day at their expense, no questions,no hassles. Kaitlin Gabora, thank you for restoring our faith in excellent customer service! The Walkers"
"Read this before choosing AutoPlex RV I have been a customer of Autoplex rv since 2016. First I would like to make aware that AutoPlex RV in High River Alberta in February 2021 was purchased by Woody’s RV. Through out the years of getting service at Autoplex for my 2016 Sandpiper 43 foot Fifth wheel. Like every service place there are problems, but it is how you deal with the problems that makes the customer happy and people returning. I just had my trailer in for service and picking it up Saturday April 3 2021. The cost of my service was $2,400 which included a full break job, re algin my door, and fix a squeak that was occurring in the floor. To fix the floor they had to go through the underbelly, on my work order stated not to cut the under belly and I would pay the extra hours to remove it. K so paid my bill, went and looked at a few trailers with friends that were with us looking to purchase one and then after went to hitch up. After doing a test pull aka lock the brakes on the trailer and give it a quick pull to test fifth wheel hook up and brakes and found that I had no brakes. I went right into the dealership and seeing it was Saturday and a long weekend the Service people have already left. I got the Sales Manager paged and told him I just spent $2,400 on service for new brakes and other stuff he need to call someone in from service because I have no brakes and it is unsafe to pull. He asked me if this is a new unit? This just goes to show that he was not listening to me because how many people have to get new brakes installed on a new trailer. So I repeated myself so the Sales Manager could understand. He said he will try and get a hold of someone I was told that I would have to leave it till Monday if he can not get a hold of anyone. I went back to my trailer and told my wife. We waited and she was surprised that the Manager didn’t come outside, so my wife went back into the dealership. She asked for the Sales Manager and had him paged, the Sales Manager came to the front desk and said I already talked to your husband with this rude attitude. My wife said I’m not him so you can tell me what you said. The Manager says what you want me to repeat myself? She said Yes. Then he offered that my wife can join him and another manager in a sales office alone to discuss this. This made my wife very insecure and almost felt in danger. She replied No you can go out side and talk with my husband. When my wife returned I noticed that the under belly was cut and taped right by the driver side wheels about 4 feet in a L space which I said to not cut the underbelly and paid so they didn’t. Understanding that this problem will have to be discussed with service I tried to explain that if I didn’t do a test pull before hand, this could have turned into a accident of even worse. Both of them looked like they really didn’t care. So needless to say I told them I want a phone call by 8:30am Monday on when my trailer will be ready and why they would let a trailer out of service without brakes. Monday I received a phone call that my trailer was being looked at, It wasn’t till around 2pm that I was told it was ready. I arrived there and talk with Don the General Manager about that they fix the brakes and they are now working. Then I asked about the under belly and I was told that he believes his service techs and didn’t not cut the under belly, I replied that AutoPlex RV are the only ones that have been in that underbelly and in 2017 doing work on the trailer cut the underbelly to access a problem at a tank which I had them replace it because underbellys should never be cut defiantly if you are planning to go to the states in the future can be a red flag. In 2019 Autoplex replaced 2 gate valves which they had to pull back the underbelly and didn’t cut it. I believe that who ever did the brakes had to feed the lines into the underbelly and cut it to access. So he stood be hide his staff and believed them and was basically called me a liar even after he admitted that the brake were done wrong. I said that I will be writing a review on about this because people need to know so they don’t go through this and left. Thank you to taking time to read this long review please you be the judge to this. I feel that I have been taken and did not ask for anything more than just do the work that I paid $2,400. I will never recommend the risk of taking your trailer to Autoplex RV (Woody’s) to anyone, not when they will not believe a customer with solid fact, and where my wife feels threatened when a Strange Man wants to talked to her be hide close doors alone which is not right. P.S. my friends that were with us said they will not be purchasing a trailer there if that is how there service is and how rude the Sales Manager was. "