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Timothy Hutson
"We purchased our camper a year ago, when we went to pick up our camper (which was scheduled) we had paid a company to meet us there and our camper was not fully ready, the eco coat was applied but they had sealed dirt and grime inside and you could see the black running down the camper. We went back the following week when they said it would be ready… it was not! We waited 2 hours.. They had someone outside applying the eco coat (who never even let it dry and now we are battling mold, I’m so happy we purchased the eco coat…..). At that time we noticed a rip in the awning that was not there when we purchased the camper. We pointed this out to the employee who said ‘I may have ripped it, I didn’t notice’. We spoke with the service supervisor, Chuck who had told us that he would order a new awning; he stated with the back orders it may take some time and recommended that we see him in the Spring; this was okay as we paid to have our trailer moved 3 hours away and couldn’t pay to have it brought back to MD and then back to our permanent site again. He also promised many other things, including fixing our center console that their employees put a sticker on a small scratch that peeled the paint off. We spoke with him and had another employee witness named Brooke who was aware of the promise he made. We followed up several times with being told nothing but ‘everything is on back order’. Here it is, spring time and we call to follow up about the awning and we are told Chuck no longer works there (surprise! He was terrible). The employee stated she remembers us and the situation, we call speak with Lance, who speaks with owner and are told ‘Chuck didn’t leave any notes about this, there is nothing we can do’ and ‘Brooke can’t remember everything exactly’. Really convenient for them. The worst part about all of this has been the service, the service has been our complaint from day 1 and Chesaco was aware of this, I’ve sent emails and spoke with them, I even wrote a google review so this is not a surprise; we are not customers easily forgotten as they were embarrassed with the service we got but unfortunately not embarrassed enough to make things right. They care about the deal, not their customers. I would not recommend Chesaco to anyone that is expecting quality. It’s a shame too, because our family has purchased many campers from Chesaco."
"I would not recommend this dealer. Very untrustworthy. Had a deal including a deposit on a unit and they sold it out from under me. Very dishonest transaction. Lance Davison is a poor salesman."

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