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"Leslie Wong at this location is fantastic, quick allocation and smooth delivery during holiday season. Very professional in all aspects."
"My experience with the GM Brad Muller was an absolute disaster and something Porsche Canada should take note of. Worst Porsche dealership I have ever dealt with for lies and lack of communication. This based on dealing directly with the GM! I put a deposit down on a new GT vehicle and was very happy to wait for however many months it took to receive. Being out of Province I even went out of my way to stop by and visit them when I was in Edmonton, as I very much appreciated being on their allocation list. Once I was ready to trade my current Porsche in that was part of the deal (and prior to the GT arriving...something they were always open to), Brad ghosted me. A General Manager...of a Porsche dealership...I have no words. That is how the leader of the Team operates, very telling. He never returned several of my calls, nor my emails simply asking for an explanation. Instead, I was told by someone else my deposit would be refunded. Incredible way to deal with a customer and not being open as to why they were ghosting me. Most likely they had a better offer, local client etc. that bumped me (even though I was #2 on the list) But could you not be professional enough to simply tell me that? One would think this low level, shady type of operation would not be found at any Porsche dealership. But I assure you Porsche Edmonton has it covered for you...in spades."