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Hugh Sisley
2 days ago
"What an awesome team! I have purchased my all of my Porsches at Oakville despite the fact that there 3 other Porsche dealerships closer to me. The purchase and service experience at Oakville is second to none. "
The McCools
2 days ago
"The service my husband and I received from Mitzi Brown, our amazing Sales prime was simply FLAWLESS! She is extremely experienced, and thoroughly addressed all our questions and concerns. She armed us with the information we needed to make the decision to purchase our Cayenne... it was the best service that led to one of the best acquisitions we've ever made! Patricia Masuda was awesome at getting all the finances in place... Matthew, our Delivery prime was also exceptional, he took the time to walk us through all the details needed to be true Porsche owners. We felt like ROCK STARS on the day we went to pickup our Cayenne that was WRAPPED with a BOW! The best dealership with fantastic and friendly primes that really do care about providing top notch experience to go with the product! "