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"We purchased a vehicle and as we drove it home the car was smoking. Took it back to the dealer and they replaced it with a used part off of another vehicle and was told to drive it for 10 days. The car still had the problem so we took it back. A couple of days later we were told that the engine was gone. We have purchased a lot of vehicles in the past and this dealership has been by far the worst! Not once did the owner speak to us to apologize or compensate us for our time, gas bringing it back and forth, New wiper blades and oil to top up (which is part of safety) that cost us $100 that we had to purchase ourselves and for all the headaches. I would NEVER recommend this dealer to anyone!"
"I recently had the opportunity to to deal with Leslie Wong @ Porsche Centre North Toronto. The dealership offered an excellent selection of models and colours to choose from. Leslie and the rest of the staff were very knowledgeable, professional and helpful. The experience was very positive from beginning to end. I would highly recommend the dealership, Leslie and the rest of the staff there. "