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Go Kia South


165 Lifetime Reviews

3030 Gateway Blvd, Edmonton, Alberta T6E 5N2
Call (833) 222-1344

Top Reviewed Employees

Megan Skead at Go Kia South

Megan Skead

Sales Associate
Sharise Doolaege at Go Kia South

Sharise Doolaege

Sales Consultant
Jay Sokhal at Go Kia South

Jay Sokhal

Business Manager
Jordan Peterson at Go Kia South

Jordan Peterson

Assistant Sales Manager

Latest Reviews

August 20, 2019

"Lacks the ambition to diagnose more difficult repairs"

- ProCarGuyEdmonton

To put a long story short, I don't have faith in the technicians at this dealership nor their management to escalate issues as required at actually resolve issues. If you have anything other than easy known fixes, this is not the dealer to go to since they will not put in any effort to actually run a proper diagnostics to actually get to the bottom of the problem, at least now when under warranty. This might be a different story when performing repairs outside of warranty since they can charge all their diagnostic hours to the customer. I can make this statement because I have an issue with my vehicle that many other dealerships in Canada and the USA are working hard to fix under warranty for other customers, but Go Kia is one of the dealers that just calls the issue "normal" when they are well aware of the problem and have acknowledged that it exists. I don't know why other dealers will work so hard and go the extra mile for their customers to fix issues like these, but Go Kia South will not. If I had any form of resolution, I would be writing a five star review right now, it just really sucks buying a poor quality new car with a 5 year warranty, and you can't get problems fixed, making the warranty feel rather useless. I wouldn't be paying monthly for a used car, just saying.

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Employees Worked With

June 23, 2019

"Con artists"

- DeputyDawg69

wanted to give less than one star. This place is dishonest. Bunch of con artists. I got tricked into making a $1,000 security deposit to secure the deal which I thought would be refunded when the deal was finalized on a new car purchase I can't get them to refund it. They don't have email addresses to contact them and they don't call back. I went against my instincts, was going to walk out after the first hour negotiating the deal but made a huge mistake trusting these guys.

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June 21, 2019

"Twice Burnt Terrible"

- Tom. C

Update! No time to fix the problems they created. Was told they could get me in next week and addressed me as "Adolf". probably because I complained. How rude is that and dis respectful. Here is their exact text: (Hi Adolf, sorry for getting back to you late, we were really busy today. I spoke to a technician and he said there's not a way to turn on or off the sensors so we'll need it for further diagnosis. When works for you? I can book you in in the morning when I get back : We are looking into next week.) I have now been able to get it fixed by a different dealership that took me in right away and addressed the problems without issues. We have had previous issues with Kia Dealerships in the past. My wife was dead against buying another Kia due to the shady dealings and terrible service we had been subject too in the past. I assured her that it was different and things would be all fine. Well do I have egg on my face! Big Time!!! First lets go to the process for buying this vehicle. When we were quoted the price for our new Kia the trade in value of my trade was stated and the buy out from the bank was 26650.00. When the deal was completed the buy out they paid to ford was only 26200.00. The 450.00 dollars difference was never passed on to us. Secondly, remember to check everything, every option, every detail because you will be caught with your pants down. Vehicle states it has a towing package, told the sales person we want the V6 because we will be towing a small trailer. Guess what picked up the vehicle and no hitch but i could get one install for 700.00. The other trick is too leave the rails for the rook rack in the vehicle when you test drive it, makes it look like they come with the vehicle, guess what they dont. They dont tell you that this vehicle we bought has delay issues with the 8 speed transmission. However you have to find out on the internet by yourself. The windshield wipers were terrible however no matter what, we had to pay to get them changed. Went in for the first service found out that my goldcard with goauto is not transferable, sales people and finance knew we had that gold card never mentioned it at all, also never offered us a new one for the new vehicle. However, payments have continued to be withdrawn from our account for a vehicle they own now, my trade in. Also, now that I was not informed about the goldcard the windshields are not covered and they wanted 400.00 for a new windshield that just cracked from one side to the other. Less than 4000KM. On top of that I picked up my vehicle from the service department which was also in for sensor problems and when I left the dealership after they sending me a video that all was ok with the sensors. Guess what not a single one of them were working. Nil and none. Well I have been listening to "I TOLD YOU SO" another lesson learned.

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Other Employees : Mo, Tawny,

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Go Kia South, Edmonton, AB, T6E 5N2