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Garston Motors


41 Lifetime Reviews

2235 Eagle Street North, Cambridge, Ontario N3H 4R7 Directions
Sales: (855) 351-1212

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41 Reviews of Garston Motors

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May 09, 2012

"I contacted this dealer after my father purchased two..."

- BigBigL

I contacted this dealer after my father purchased two vehicles from him - I was looking for this dealer to pick up a car at auction for me. Prior to the auction he disclosed his fees to me and was very vague in doing so. Once he was at auction he found me a car I wanted and the auction price was $8,600.00. So after a few days he sent me some more details of his pricing - it was a little inflated (more than he initially had told me his costs would be - about $900 more which he couldn't explain when I asked about it) but the overall price of the vehicle was still a good deal when compared to what that vehicle would be sold for elsewhere. So I decided to proceed with the sale anyway. When I went to pick up the car there wasn't a drop of gas in the damn thing (0 km's left to empty it read on the dash) and the person who handed over the keys informed me of that as I was walking out the door - so thanks guys, real classy! The most troubling part was that I lived about 6 hours away from the dealer and when I got there they couldn't produce a copy of an ownership for the vehicle I was purchasing. So after they assured me that it was in the works but a little delayed because of the holiday season I agreed to take the vehicle on the condition that the ownership would be sent to me within the next couple days...well days turned into months! After sending numerous emails and placing several calls that I never received responses to finally he agreed to send me a new copy of the ownership. He gave me some song and dance about how he sent the ownership to me months ago and that one of his employees must have screwed up, then said he'd send out a new copy the next day...well the next day turned into another two weeks go by and finally the ownership arrived (it's actually illegal to drive without a valid copy of vehicle ownership or to sell a vehicle without an ownership). When the ownership/registration arrived (more than two months after purchasing the vehicle) there was no plate renewal sticker, which was shocking because one of the "inflated charges" was for the registration and sticker renewal. After contacting the dealer several times and not getting a response finally I was able to get a hold of him to tell him that I had to wait over two months for my ownership and that he never sent me a sticker for my plate, so he told me he'd send me a cheque for $10 along with a sticker...but the cheque or sticker never came. After trying to contact him for another 2 weeks and finally calling him at his home I was able to get him on the line. He told me that he couldn't get me a sticker because the vehicle owner would have to do so and that he'd send me a cheque for $7 (which is the cost of getting a new plate sticker)...well that cheque never came either so I gave up trying to get a hold of John. Since this business transaction, which I've told my father about, no one in my family will be dealing with John again - after purchasing 3 vehicles from the same salesperson he still chose to treat me like crap and ignored my phone calls and emails. It's not like I was asking him to go over an above, I just wanted my ownership and sticker - which I paid him for and the length of time it took was unacceptable. Bottom line is this...if you want to be treated like gold up until the moment when you hand over the cheque then after you've paid be ignored then deal with Garston Motors. If you want to buy a car without a drop of gas in the tank, buy from Garston Motors. If you want to be overcharged with hidden and inflated charges buy from Garston Motors. If you want a dealer that you can't get a hold of then buy from Garston motors...the car was a good deal in the end but the fact that it took forever to get my registration/plate sticker ruined this sale!

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