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"We have been going to Lone Star for a number of years since we own a Smart car and there are not many options of places that service Smart cars. Our last experience at Lone Star will be our last. We had taken our vehicle in because our windshield wipers were making a funny noise. It took Lone Star 3 assessments to find our what the problem was and fixed the noise. When we had our vehicle back, we went to replace the windshield wiper fluid and noticed that the reservoir had been shifted and it was more difficult to fill and recap. We decided to take the car back in for this problem plus, we were hearing a squealing noise from our belts. We were told that the reservoir was fine but or belts were worn and cracked. We agreed to the work. Four weeks later, as we were reviewing our service records, we noticed that our belts had been replaced 9 months prior to being told at Lone Star that the belts were worn and cracked. We went back to Lone Star and we were told that the business that replaced the belts may have used inferior materials and probably installed them incorrectly. That was Lone Star's response. It is sad to learn that monetary gains are more important than being honest. We have learned to now ask to look at the parts of our vehicle that are being replaced. "
Are you kidding me
"Worst experience EVER. This dealership doesn't stock parts... everything has to come from Toronto or Germany....taking literally weeks to arrive. However, if you want it faster it is possible if you pay a very high overnight fee. They also appear to charge 30-40% more for parts than you can get them from other Mercedes dealerships across the country,,, Could that be because they know they are the only option in Winnipeg? Their 'do it or don't' attitude had me gob smacked! If you need service on your Mercedes do NOT go to this dealership.... Service Manager's answer to everything. "It's how we do business" "