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Bob Smith
"Okay... over 2 week wait to bring vehicle in,over 2 more weeks to get it fixed. The car lasted less then a month not even 400km on it with the same problem happening again. I can't get in touch with the service rep he'll be back 4 days from now. Even though I left a message and email 6 days before, and talked to someone the day before this saying I'd get called back. No he's not in but O I can set up an appointment to bring the car in mid to early March FFS. It's not a it runs wrong thing right now, it doesn't f'n move. If this xxxx isn't resolved soon I'll have to tow it some other mechanics. Then I'll contact the better business bureau and if something is found wrong start some legal fillings to get my money back. My first time going to these chumps and however this ends my last."
"just nowNEW We have been going to this dealership for my partner's car servicing for many years now. They're expensive, but I always felt that I could trust their work. This all changed when they returned my car with a damaged component. At first, my service advisor Gregory did not even acknowledge the break, which was obvious as soon as I saw the car. When I questioned him about it, he did everything in his power not to take any ownership for what happened. Eventually, Gregory told me he would refund me for part of the cost of the replacement. It has been over 6 months now since the repair, and I have yet to get my refund or any info about its status. I have talked to several staff members, including Dina and Isabella, all who promise to talk to the service manager Robert but then never call me back. This has happened several times now. I'm not sure how to proceed at this point. I don't like having to mention any names or leave negative reviews, but nobody at this dealership is owning up to my promised refund. The lack of accountability and professionalism is seriously shocking. To anybody reading this, I sincerely hope you reconsider getting your car serviced here."