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"Sun Country always has competitive rates and good customer service. I’d recommend them over some other dealerships. "
"Recently had some work done on a recalled airbag and needed a wheel bearing replaced that was making a lot of noise. I received a call and was told during the disassembly of the caliper and mounting bracket on the right rear wheel (to access the wheel bearing) that the bolts were previously cross threaded and ALL the threads pulled out of the mounting bracket. Was told an entire new mounting bracket AND caliper were required. Parts and labour just under $1000. I thought about it a while and realized the caliper doesn't have threads, just the mounting bracket. Called back and was told the caliper and mounting bracket were sold only as a set... something I later discovered was not true. The parts were on backorder with no ETA. I decided I was going to fix this myself and went in to pay for the wheel bearing work that was done. Thy tried to dissuade me and said the car was not in condition to drive due to the unsecured caliper. I told them I would secure it or tow it and fix myself, and took my keys. The next day I got it home and found the bolts were just inserted into the mounting bracket holes. I tried to insert them and thread them on. Guess what? They started to thread on, but one was a bit tight. I cleaned and chased the threads as a little loctite was in the threads, put the bolts on and torqued them down and they were not cross threaded. 20 minutes later, nothing wrong with this caliper or mounting bracket! After some research I discover these mechanics are not paid by the hour. They get commission on parts and they get a rate paid per part changed that is pre-determined. So they really aren't mechanics, they are salesmen, and yes some of them are dishonest. Not a good system for the customer if a dishonest mechanic is working on your vehicle. A dishonest mechanic will falsely claim certain parts are broken, especially ones that will earn them more commission and will actually take far less time to replace them that is pre-determined by the shop. This way they can make a lot of $$$ in a short time and on a daily basis. If the pre-determined time to change a part is an hour, and it takes them 20 minutes, you're charged an hour shop time and they are paid an hour. Additionally, I do some work myself on the car and purchase Genuine Toyota parts from a dealer in Southern Ontario and they are far cheaper than the parts that Laking Toyota charge. I'm going to guess that the mechanic/salesman inflates the price further in order to get his commission. If any mechanic at Laking Toyota tells you something is leaking, or making a funny noise on you car that you yourself haven't noticed, be sure to decline this extra work. I still can't believe they were going to change a part that had nothing wrong with it and quoted me $1000. I was also told my water pump is leaking and belt tensioner is about to fail. Ya right. Like I believe you. I'm planning to go in and discuss this series of events with Laking management, but doubt anything will be done. "