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Opel Service Centre Reviews

Latest Reviews

"It was great and fast and very productive to be able to take care of yourself and the car in fast safe way to tp oof the day."
"came for free check engine light on. dropped off night before, got a called next morning car wouldn't start and battery was bad and needed a new one an it would cost $290 and they couldn't run the diagastic test with a bad battery. I told her battery was about a year old(after checking 1-28-2020). i told her to leave it and i'd come get it. when i got there the car was not outside. Went in and talked to service advisor who called me, she said there would be a $75.xx charge. I'm sure she could tell i was not happy, i saod i brought it in for a FREE check and you said it couldn't be done so i said i'd come get it cause i'm not replacing a 1year old battery with a $300 for a FREE check. She said she would not charge me, which was nice(and right) of her. she went back and got the car. never did get any paperwork but surprise the check engine light is off on the car and the reason i waited until today to write this review i wanted to see if the car started after sitting over night, it started right up. i drove it to an auto parts store and they tested it and it at 90% eff. i understand most business don't do things for free but to make up a problem and then overcharge the customer. you want $300 1 year ago the battery i bought cost $93. i guess i know where i WON'T be bringing any more of our vehicles for service."