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"I had been looking for a service facility for my Genesis and had visited a number before I happened on Downtown Hyundai. I had been having an almost imperceptible problem with my steering...a little hitch while making a left turn. Because it was very hard to detect I had taken it to many, many Hyundai service facilities with none able to locate my problem telling me that if it happened again to bring it back and they would look at it again. Of course as soon as I drove the car off the lot I felt the hitch again. It wasn't until I brought my car to Downtown Hyundai that the service people took me and my concern seriously. At the conclusion of my service appointment when James, the service advisor took my car for a test drive before giving it back to me happened to detect my complaint. He thought he knew what the problem was and asked me to leave it for one more day which I did. It turns out that it was in fact a serious problem. That it cost more than $2400 to repair would demonstrate the seriousness of the concern but it took James to understand, track down and repair the problem that had been demonizing me all this time. Because of him I have become a loyal customer of Downtown Hyundai's service department and will continue to have my car serviced there. Thanks're the best. "
"When I arrived for service I was met immediately by a very couteous lady who placed my car keys in a plastic bag for protection against covid, put a cover on my seat as well as the floor mats. I was then met by a customer service rep who took pictures of my vehicle on all sides to ensure there would be no claims for damage by the dealer and I was escorted into the service departrment and introduced to the service advisor who wrote up the work order. This gentleman was overly courteous and quite helpful. The estimate for repair time was one hour. In thirty minutes I was handed the keyes to the car and asked to have a great day. The dealership was spotless, everyone was courteous, friendly and efficient and the overall experience was top notch. Something that everyone should welcome when getting their vehicle serviced. Dennis Jackson"