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Genesis Service Centre Reviews

Latest Reviews

Genesis owner
"Even though my car has need to come in a number of times, Kim and the service department have always made it very manageable for me and my busy schedule. Appreciate their willingness to serve."
"I purchased a 2020 Genesis G80 from Trisha at Don Valley North Hyundai. The purchase process went well as Trisha was very personable and fair. The problems started when the engine light went on after just a few months. The problem was not that the car had an issue. The problem was with the service department. If you go to the Genesis website you get the impression that any service call will be a fantastic experience. They promise to bring you a rental car and supply you with “concierge” service. Nothing could be further from the truth. When you call for an appointment, if you are lucky enough to get someone to answer, the receptionist will tell you that everyone is busy and she will get them to call you back. That call NEVER comes. It took many calls before I could get an appointment and then I had to argue with the service person to get a loaner car. They did manage to get the engine light to turn off but a month later it was on again. Again I had to repeat the experience of trying to get someone to return my call. It took THREE DAYS for me to get someone on the phone to give me an appointment. When I finally got to bring my car in he told me I would get it back next week. That, of course, didn’t happen. The story now is that he’s waiting for a part. The part is coming from Korea and I won’t have my car for at least 3 more weeks. To be fair, he did give me a loaner and it is a brand new G70 so I certainly can’t complain about that. My main criticism is that when you call the service department, they absolutely don’t respond. I was told that the reason this happens is because they are “very busy”. Well, if you can’t take care of your customers, hire enough staff so that you can. Don’t promise me “concierge service” and then ignore my phone calls. Hopefully whoever is in charge of the service department will read this and take the criticism to heart. You cannot ignore your customers and expect them to give you repeat business. Don’t promise a high level of service and then deliver the exact opposite."