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Genesis Service Centre Reviews

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"Ils ont proposé de faire un check-up de notre Genesis qui allait parfaitement bien. Attention! Ils nous l'ont rendu et elle s'est soudain mise à faire du 30km hre. en plein autoroute! On l'a retourné trois fois et à chaque fois ils ont dit 'tout est ok ' et ont donné une nouvelle histoire. Finalement ils ont admis avoir fait une erreur, sans plus. Déxxxée le 16 mai jusqu'au 12 juin! AUCUNE EXCUSE de la part du vice-président Stéphane Cummings!"
"I bought a 2012 Genesis, brand new. The service has been less than satisfactory since purchased but this last episode was over the top. Let me first say that I am pleased with the car, however, any work that has needed to be done resulted in at least two visits for one problem. There have been a few times when I had to return 3 or more times because the part was either not here and they had to ship it from Korea or they damage a part in fixing the original problem only to keep ordering the wrong part. But this last time was a transmission problem. As most new cars are now computers on wheels, I had a problem with the shifting. It was erratic and harsh on the shift. I brought it into the dealership where they said the computer needed an update. The original diagnosis was $145 plus a miscellaneous charge of $21.75 (who knows what that was for. It was never explained to me) for a total of $175. They suggested a Trans flush as it was dirty. I am not an idiot and knew that the problem was not a fluid problem. I only has 80,000 km on it and know that although a flush would be a good maintenance thing to do, it wasn't the problem. So I took it back where they said that would be the next step in repairs and if that didn't work, they they would have to rip my tranny apart. The flush was going to be antoher $390 so I said no, I am not about to drop another $400 to have the problem still exist. So I went to a fantastic Transmission shop, They test drove it and were able to replicate the problem. Did the Diagnosis, scan codes and Data. Performed a relearn on the transmission and took it for another retest. They couldn't replicate the problem. They then told me to drive it for a week and see how it runs. They didn't charge me until I came back a week later to tell them it was working perfectly fine. Labour and taxes, $102.21. I could have not returned to this shop but they trusted me to come back. Amazing! Meanwhile, if I had let Hyundai Crowfoot do the work, I could have spent hundreds more on repairs on something that should have been so easy and completed on my first visit. Oh and the other thing, remember they said the transmission fluid was dirty, well they showed me. Pink and clean. With this car, there is no tranny dipstick so they have to remove the nut under the car to check the fluid. The technician said that prior to him doing the check, there had never been a wrench on that nut. It had been untouched. I responded directly to the service manager at Hyundai with this complaint and I never heard back. Not even once. I rarely post my grievances with companies but this was one that I could not leave alone. EL "