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Iwona Bowman
Iwona Bowman, Finance Manager, Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars
not yet rated

Iwona Bowman

Finance Manager

Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars

5055 Whitelaw Road
Guelph, ON N1H 6J4

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2 Reviews of Iwona Bowman

April 16, 2019

Dealership Rating

"Car buying made easy and enjoyable"

- Studimans from Cambridge

It was most pleasant to deal with Karl as we shopped for a vehicle at Mark Wilson. He made us feel very comfortable and at ease as we made our decision. Allowing us to drive the vehicle to our mechanic for an inspection also gave us peace of mind as we were making our purchase decision

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Apr 17, 2019

Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars responded

Thank you for your review of Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars! We are happy to hear that Karl and Iwona were able to assist you into the car of your choice. We wish you many happy miles in your new vehicle and hope to have the pleasure of seeing you again.

January 09, 2019

Dealership Rating
Employee Rating

"The review makes me give one star...."

- VanderValk

Began my search for a vehicle which led me to Mark Wilson’s car dealership in Guelph. My wife and I found a VW Tiguan that we wanted to purchase so we sat down with Sam the salesman. Now I’ll add that Wilson’s is not your typical car dealership. It’s a full on assembly line you have to work through. You sit down with a salesperson who has no authority it’s really the managers in the glass room the salesperson you meet is just a front. After dealing with them they lead you to the finance department to sign papers where They do their best to nail you with every extra add on you could imagine. After politely saying no a few times it didn’t seem to click with the wilsons finance employee so we basically had to say enough. We set up a pickup date (3 weeks later and left) 3 weeks later we arrived to pick up our vehicle at the agreed time and date. We signed the papers and were told to just wait in the lobby and our vehicle would be brought around front. Now this is where it all went downhill. I happened to notice three employees frantically talking as if there was a problem. I guessed correct and a few moments later an employee came and informed us that they had messed up the pickup day and that we would have to wait an hour for our vehicle to be ready. Now this is where I add we aren’t from the area and had no way of rescheduling so we were forced to wait. We waited almost 2 hours when finally I saw the Tiguan roll around to the front. Sam then greeted us to show us the features. After we realized there weren’t really any to discuss (already own another VW) we were ready to leave with our new car! What a wait! Oh but wait a minute! We had to continue to wait! Sam instructed us “your almost ready to go we just need to put the plates on” SERIOUSLY. So my wife and I waited when a dishevelled employee wandered over and what I later figured out was he was putting our plates on. So it’s been a good ten minutes and my wife and I are in our new vehicle complaining about what’s been happening in the last few hours and I realize “did they ever put the plates on like that’s taking so long?” I got out and sure enough they were on! The Wilson employee didn’t think to even mention he was finished LOL. What a joke. Pissed off I proceeded to get back into the car where Sam the salesperson ran out the door trying to say enjoy the new vehicle. What a pathetic excuse of sales and customer service. Now the story continues... once we arrive back to where we were staying in the area I put the seats down to pack and their were suds and water soaked in the seams of the seats. Yup that’s right folks! They detailed the car in an hour and decided that was good enough! Had to be because we didn’t sign up for all the extras right?! Now for the climax of the story! They forgot a piece of the interior. The trunk piece that covers the contents from view. It wasn’t there. So I got to call the wonderful customer service of Sam and pissed off I asked for the part to be shipped to my home address as I was not driving hours to pick up a piece they forgot while detailing our new car the day we picked it up. He apologized and looked into it. Two weeks later I hadn’t heard back so I called a manager telling her this exact story as well as the fact part of my car was still missing. Again another apology and I was informed she would look into it. Two weeks after that it arrived at purolator. It was packaged in a piece of paper. The purolator employee actually told me that whoever sent me this I should complain about how it wa packaged and shipped. I then told her a quick version of this story and the fact I wanted nothing more to do with Mark Wilson’s. Conclusion: if you want horrible service, bombarded with extra useless crap, detailing the same day you pick up your car but then have to clean it yourself then this is the place for you. Wilson’s congratulates you when you buy a vehicle from them and welcome you to their family. The congratulations is in order just to get through their process with no issues and if they treat customers like that I can’t believe how they treat family members... Disappointing scenario and to top it off a friend is now dealing with similar issues! So can’t wait for that saga of a review!

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Customer Service
Quality of Work
Overall Experience
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Other Employees Tagged: Sam Belanger

Jan 10, 2019

Mark Wilson's Better Used Cars responded

Hello Mr. VanderValk, We sincerely apologize for the level of service you received. This is not the norm. We realize we are not perfect, and your feedback, has provided us knowledge of areas we can improve, to prevent experiences such as this. We take your comments seriously, and despite the issues we sincerely hope that you enjoy your new vehicle.

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