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"Wow. There's a Big change there. Great service Parts guys went out of there way. And great selection. They went that extra way to take care of my needs. Thanks. Guys. I'll be back again. "
Not happy
"Had our boat for over 2 months. Kept giving us excuses, parts back order, parts coming from Japan, short on staff. We were told three times that it would be ready in a couple of days and that they would call. Never got those calls, when we called them, Oh we are waiting for parts. So why did they tell us it would be ready. We never once got an apology from them. Told us that they told off 2 hours labor, but it did not show on the invoice, so really don`t know if they did or not. They were ready for us when we picked up the boat, wouldn`t answer our questions as to why it took so long, they cut us off every time . WORST PLACE EVER."