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4 days ago
"Millad did a great job finding the right car for me, pointing out all features of interest to me without being pushy or trying to up-sell me on anything I didn't need or want. He answered all my questions directly and promptly at the dealership and over the phone, and made sure I understood the process the whole way through. I was never kept waiting for long and was provided prompt service even when I showed up an hour early to pick up my car."
"This dealership displayed a lack of competency in handling my son's lease return; My son was not interested in re-leasing or purchasing another vehicle so I asked the dealership to sell me (his father) the car and in doing so, they mistakenly put the ownership back in his name despite the fact that I gave them a copy of my licence, my insurance and the bill of sale was in my name.. so.... After toing and froing for a couple of days, they told me that the best option for me was to pickup the paperwork and got to Service Ontario to have the ownership changed. They also told me that I would need to redo the safety, which I completed 8 days ago... When I learned of this, I called Service Ontario to inquire and they told me that the dealership should own up to this problem and I did not need a safety if the original one did not expire.. So here we go again... back to the dealership tomorrow. I am perplexed as to why the dealership cannot own up to their mistake and get this right.... discouraged.. "