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Daddy Po
"I came in to have my car looked at in the service Center. Matt; who was helping me, introduced me to "Rae rae" to look over options as my car may need more repairs than I was willing to spend. She was super easy going and understanding of my mind set. I was worried to say the least about my car and didn't also tho k I could afford anything else. Long story short, she kept me positive, even when my fears were confirmed about my car being too much for me to spend fixing. Her and the team in there; cant forget billie lol, kept my wife and I and two small kids happy and sane while we found a great new; to us, car that we knew we could afford. Great service and care to me and my family. You have my utmost respect and appreciation. Thank you is really an understatement."
"So I asked the dealership for a vehicle with a car starter. Which it did come with but doesn't work 😡 and I cant even plug in my vehicle cuz the prongs are bent funny cant straighten them out.. I told Phillippe about he really doesnt seem to care, but he was really on me to get financing a vehicle from them but once I ran into problems with the vehicle they did nothing about it no calls or texts.. but he was really calling and texting to get my money.. I really regret getting a vehicle from them.. if there was a way to get out of my contract I'd so get out of it "