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"Purchased here because when the car shortage was happening this was the only place I visited that acted like they wanted my business.Went to numerous towns ; locations and Makes . Ben was great and didn't act like I was a bother. 2 visits and I had a car. Has been of service with me understanding the computer system in car without question. Refer him to anyone who wants a car. Would keep coming back because their service is always quick and efficient . Act like they are glad you are there. Kim is excellent and had met her at you closer location in Oakland . Somehow remembers my name ; acts like a long lost friend. Always seems to be in the know about car . Goes beyond a service writer . If I had a business that had anything to do with dealing with customers I would take her away from you. So far I haven't had a single situation that they haven't been super about."
"Jeramy Larkin my salesman was patient, knowledgeable and tolerant of my questions. He is the reason I did not look elsewhere. The Bronco is easy to drive and easy on this 71 yr olds body. The driver box is laid out well. Jeramy explained everything but Techo Timmy is still learning but I will feel very comfortable returning with questions. The financing was easy. I had to gather money into my checking account from various sources, so they took a $500 deposit to hold my Bronco Sport. The physical structure of the dealership is superb all of the facility is spacious and well laid out."

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