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"Paul and his team at Shift are enthusiasts first and foremost. It was apparent after walking in the door and immediately falling into a discussion about the passion behind Lotus cars and never once during my visit being pressured to move forward with a purchase. I was looking for an Elise and they had the best selection in the country by far. While I knew the car from all my research online, I had never experienced one in person and Paul was more than happy to walk me around the car to point out it's intricacies and explain and describe things that if I had not been informed about, I would have never known and possibly struggled with. One example is the method of getting in and out of the car. I would probably look like a struggling fool to this day if he had not demonstrated the technique for gracefully slipping in and out of this very unique automobile. While it was a few weeks before I actually decided to purchase, I never once was pushed to make the sale or handed any pressure tactics, I was the one who reached out to make the purchase and even still Paul gave me a great deal on a 2007 Elise. The car has been flawless since I purchased it almost a year ago, and it gives me a thrill and plants an ear to ear grin on my face each time I get behind the wheel. I would highly recommend Paul at Shift Motors if you are looking for a Lotus Elise as he knows the brand inside out and seems to keep a well rounded inventory of the cars."
"Amazing experience, MacNeil Motors did a phenomenal job at helping me find the car of dreams. When I first came in it was just a twinkle in my baby blue eyes."