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"My dealings with one of the assistant managers at Kamloops Hyundai has perpetuated the perception that car salesmen are rated at the bottom of the heap for trustworthiness and ethical behavior. I have brought the matter to the attention to the manager and both ‘principal dealers’. None of them have seen fit to communicate with me let alone rectify the situation. I can only assume from that that the ethical shortcomings are the accepted culture of the entire dealership."
Surprised and Shocked
"Kevin Price is one of the worst humans I've ever run in to. He comes off as personable and helpful ... don't be fooled. I'm surprised he keeps getting hired with his background of stealing from his employers (embezzling from ICBC, Lougheed Acura, Morrey Nissan, etc.) and customers (via their credit card numbers and cash payments). Be wary. Unfortunately I'm unable to submit without giving stars. :|"