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"We've been buying and taking our company vehicles here for service for years. Super happy with the service provided. We will keep coming back. Makes life easier when you're treated how you want to be treated."
"My first service experience was really bad. The dealer called ME to set up an appointment for a recall on my BRAND NEW Isuzu NPR truck. Appointment was set a week in advance. My business set up plans to take the truck in for the appointment. The truck arrived on time and 2 hours later the driver was told the recall work could not be started as they did not have the parts!!!! They booked the RECALL work in advance. DOWN TIME is not paid time in my business. A total waste of time and effort, please the expense to operate the truck that morning. WASTED - The dealer response was to look into it and to date no reply. My second experience the truck broke down. Nobody would have guess that with 10K on a brand new truck it would breakdown. The service desk was not helpful at all. "We can take a look at it late next week or the following week. Would you like an appointment?" ... Gee I will just close up for a week till you "take a look at it" - No solutions to the problem, no offer of a rental truck. The service advisor did say call Isuzu roadside assistance. So we did call, and 7 HOURS later the tow truck shows up. I'm starting to regret buying this truck!!! "