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C Szabo
"I've taken my 2011 Fusion SE here (great car, by the way) several times: recall work, a safety inspection (for transfer of ownership), oil changes, etc. I've never had a problem with these folks. In fact, the service has been exceptionally friendly and very attentive in terms of my needs – everything from very prompt shuttle service that was offered without me having to ask for it, including updates by phone informing me (as required) of work progress, and so on. My car is out of warranty but I'm treated as if I'm actually buying a vehicle. In other words, I'm made to feel like they only have *one* customer, and it's me. We need to keep in mind that dealerships can get very busy, and there's a queue, even when you're booked for a particular time. Expect to behave like a reasonable, flexible person, and arrange your schedule to accommodate the natural vicissitudes of auto repair work at a dealership that services many vehicles daily. So I have no complaints about Thorncrest. The folks here are professional and courteous, the site is modern, clean and comfortable, and what needs to get done gets done. Best wishes, C. Szabo"
"Purchased a 2015 Ford Mustang at this dealership. My salesman was Habib Ahmed. He is very friendly and he looks after you very good. Nick Palalas and Adam Pallegrin were also very friendly and good to deal with."