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"I originally came to this dealership for two recalls on my car. The lady at the front desk was very friendly, provided me with excellent service and arranged a shuttle for me. I loved this location as I live five minutes away and it is very convinent for me. My dads friend and our trusted mechanic had discovered an issue with my engine on a separate occasion. It is a known engine knocking sound that Hyundai has been having issues with certain 2L motors in their vechicles. I have called Hyundai Canada twice and they have acknowledged there is in fact a service campain out for this and that I should have no issues having a disganostic run and the dealership should be more then happy to help me figure it out. I called a couple weeks ago and spoke to the service manager Jay Langton and was shut down before I could even fully state my inquiry. I was told originally that there was no known issue and that if there was no recall there was nothing that would be done without a charge. Once I expressed Hyundai Canada had told me there was a service campaign he immediately informed me “if your car is over 100,000 kilometres this conversation is basically void.” He took no time nor wanted to help me with the car that I have just recently purchased from Hyundai. I decided to go visit the dealership in person to see if someone could hopefully help me out and found myself speaking with someone who again was shutting my down as soon as I stated my inquiry. I found out I was again speaking with the same manager that I had spoken with in the phone. I told him I just called the Milton location for a quote on a diagnostic and that it was $54 rather then the $150 he was demanding to even look at my vechicle. He suggested I “scoot on over there then.” The way this service manager speaks to clients is absolutely appalling. I am actually in shock how someone in a managerial position has been so condescending and blantantly rude to one of their clients. I am a paying customer and partly believe because I am young and female and am not the most knowledgeable when it comes to explaining my car problems I was completely disregarded and undervalued. Jay single-handledley has insured I will never be returning, purchasing or recommending this specific dealership again. In conclusion I would not be recommending this dealership for the soul fact this manager has no interest in helping his clients or shows any basic level of respect for his customers."
Mike -ram#1
"People are professional but personal also which has made every visit unique. Each and every employee I have dealt with makes Ralph Neale a great experience "