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Northway Ford Lincoln - Service Centre


61 Lifetime Service Reviews

388 King George Road, Brantford, Ontario N3T 5L8

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Top Reviewed Employees

John Jefferson at Northway Ford Lincoln

John Jefferson

Service Advisor
Susan Schieman at Northway Ford Lincoln

Susan Schieman

Service Appointment Coordinator
Breanne Croxon at Northway Ford Lincoln

Breanne Croxon

Service Advisor
Jennifer Hebert at Northway Ford Lincoln

Jennifer Hebert

Parts Advisor
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Latest Reviews

May 04, 2019

"Wasting my time"

- Lactose

I’ve been to this dealership three times for oil change service to my Shelby GT350 Mustang. The second time they took 3 hours to do my oil change because they didn’t have enough of the 5w50 my car takes. The third time was just the other day. They dumped the oil out of my car and then realized they did not have the proper oil filter on hand for my car. I now have to take my car back when they get around to finding the correct filter. I also reminded them to make sure they have enough oil. I am definitely not happy with their service. I will be going to Cambridge next time. Too bad you lost a valuable customer.

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January 11, 2019

"Honest professional advice"

- Audrey Raymond

Al Banks has been the go to professional our family has trusted with all our vehicles over the years. We are fortunate to know an individual with the highest level of professionalism and honesty in the car and truck service industry by far.

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Employees Worked With

December 24, 2018

" two major recalls and two serious malfunctions - sad "

- nancy.shipton

Paul, It is interesting to note that in two sentences you refer to a Focus and then an Escape. Not sure you took much time to review my reported issues to my 2015 Focus. The lack of sentiment in the response totally speaks to how I would have imagined the response would be, I totally regret buying this car along with the experience I have received with this Dealership. I have almost been run over by Transport trucks twice because my car left me in extremely dangerous positions on the highway. It complete stops and does not allow acceleration and barely got to the side of the shoulder twice. The issues started with my car prior to getting the recalls not once but twice. The latest experience once again was almost laughable. The service manager said that he fixed the Purge value at not charge due to my experiences only to receive a week later a formal recall notice in the mail to my house. Do you all really think that those that purchase cars are really that stupid and unaware. I have in the past years purchased 7 new Ford vehicles and this ONE is the LAST. I am so totally unimpressed that you along with other dealerships would sell cars that you all knew had preexisting issues with them. Shame on you all. I hope that no one has died driving one of the cars you sold, but I guess they might not be here to tell the story. I even asked the Service Manager if he would put his Grandchildren in my vehicle, he could not say yes to that one either. As you can see I am totally unhappy with my latest purchase and I look forward to getting rid of it. I appreciate your offer, but no thanks. I never want to purchase another Ford product. Your Dealership has showed no compassion for what I have experienced and I thank God that I did not have a serious mishap in my car. Each time it is 'apparently' fixed' something else goes wrong, I have had a 13 year old vehicle that drove better and was more reliable that this Focus. I regret buying it each and every day. So, thanks Paul offering to help me into another vehicle, but no thanks. I am moving on to another manufacturer and will never consider putting my hard earned money into a Company that could not care less about my welfare. Hopefully in the future these words will remind you about a customer that was totally unhappy and the Dealership folks could not have cared less.

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Northway Ford Lincoln - Service Center, Brantford, ON, N3T 5L8