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6 days ago
"I called about 2 Infiniti's they had for sale that I wanted to look at. I explained to the women Ashley on the phone that I live 1 1/2hrs away so if anything changes over night to please call me back so I won't make the trip out. She assured my husband and I that both cars where still on the lot and booked our appointment for the next day for viewing. The next day we traveled all the way there to greet a sleezy sale man that looked confused when we asked him to look at the 2 cars we are here to see. His response was oh both those cars sold days ago!!! I was shocked explained my story to him ..speaking to Ashlely yesterday and her telling us they are available and that we are out of town... he shrugged his shoulders and said oh well.... no I'm sorry .: no can I show you something else while you are here NOTHING!! The worst customer service ever! They have huge communications issues. If you looks up sleezy car sale mans and dealership in the Dictionary a picture of this place would pop up! "
"I bought a 2009 used infiniti fx35 from these guys not even 3 months ago. I paid over $25000 for the car and already HAD to spend over $7000 in repair. 1. The brakes was seized up (do not know how they passed safty). $600 to service those. 2. Three out of four of the struts was leaking (again safty issue) so I HAD to replace all four $3500. 3. The transmission broke $3000. This is all with regular driving (maybe 20km a day) to and from work on paved roads."