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"Went to Eriksen in west Edmonton to look at a new SUV for my wife (previously bought new from them) thought while we were there we would get the oil changed in my wife fx35...which they were kind enough to do on short notice. When we first arrived we told Kevin (salesman) that we were looking to replace my wife's fx35 for something comparable. Kevin asked us to wait for a minute while he had to finish up with someone...no problem. Hour later we finally left...not hearing a peep from Kevin."
"I bought a used G37S coupe a month ago today. It was my first time going to Bramgate. I found them online and was directed to their website which was easy to navigate through. The G37S that caught my eye had pictures that did a good job of remaining true to expectations when I arrived at the dealership and saw the actual vehicle. The service, follow up and commitment to the customer experience was unparalleled from first contact to ownership. Both the staff that I worked with were extremely forthcoming with details of the vehicle and during all other aspects of the car buying process. It took away a lot of the angst and doubt that people often experience when buying used. Daniel provided all the information I asked of him. I really got specific with the type of things I wanted to know about the vehicle and he was able to tell me what they were or if he didn't know, he found out within 24 hrs and notified me. He was also very flexible with meeting me during hours that suited my schedule and was helpful during the test drive in helping me get a true feel for driving the vehicle. Sudir was professional and supportive when I was taking ownership of the vehicle. I used my own plates and there was a ticket on it that I was unaware of. They arranged to have this taken care of during vehicle registration so that i didn't have to make two trips to sort the issue out myself! He was patient with concerns and stood proudly behind the amazing commitment to have seamless customer service integrated into all aspects of the business. PS - I picked my car up with a full tank of gas, set of two keys with complimentary key chain and a set of rimmed winter tires! I will definitely be recommending Bramgate to friends and family. Great work guys! "