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GLP14 Guelph
2 days ago
"Had to repair (again) AC system after 20,000 kms. Yes now out of warranty period but give me a break (please) on my next repair bill. First a lower cost quoted then, $400 higher AFTER they inspected my car. This also AFTER the problem identified was possibly a clutch (vs entire compressor) only to find out the compressor put on my car 2 years ago, you could not even swap out the compressor clutch meaning you had to re-buy the entire unit.....and pay $500 more. So going from a clutch job to aftermarket replacement dents the pocketbook additionally by $500 plus the extra scam of $400 more. Guys - simply tell me upfront (if you know what parts you are putting in) and then not mention of the cheaper work if it is entirely not even possible THEN stick to your original quote to repair!!!! Certainly smells of rotten service and cash grab. Due soon for another car and certainly will not be from there. Business schools love stories like this one. Happy future Guelph Infinity!!"
WS Chan
4 days ago
"Although you see a lot of negative news in the forum, I do have the same feeling about 6 weeks ago with the first time visit, and even after I left the dealership, I would say forget it... "what kind of dealership is that". Then I have been visited different Infiniti dealerships, either they are not follow up or Sales people are not honest. Until I got an online quotation from Business Development Manager Cassandra.... everything is changed. she is great, patience and will to answer everything via email or call. Because of her, the deal is back to this dealership. I made the deal in 15 mins. Once again, no matter how many bad comments on this dealership; but I don't agree and highly recommend to this Markham Infiniti. Keep up the good work."