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"The service was great. i like how he spoke to me like I was important and was very verbal on what he was doing. Didn't feel ripped off like most services I've dealt with in the past. Thank you"
Tino Davis
"On Saturday September 16, 2017. I walked into Brampton North Nissan the staff members was very welcoming especially Munaham Qasisar. I went to this dealership to buy a Infiniti Q50, I like the car but it was too low and I know that my mother wouldn't be able to enjoy the vehicle due to her back and shoulder injury and then Munaham showed me a 2013 Infiniti M37x. The car meet every requirement that I was looking for and it was very comfortable and fast, but my mother wasn't able to make it to the dealership that day due to her injury and Munaham took it upon himself after speaking with his boss to let me and him drive the car to my home and have my mother to sit in it. He made sure that my mother was satisfied with the car. Munaham Qasisar went about and beyond my expectations to ensure that me and my family was comfortable with our purchase. Thanks to  Munaham Qasisar and Brampton North Nissan staff for making my car buying experience a memorable one that I will not for get."