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2 days ago
"Amazing experience, the employee who i talked with is really kind and he helped me out. It was a really good experience overall. Thank you! "
Andre T
"I do not recommend this dealership, I had several unpleasant service transactions and eventually made decision to send my Infiniti 2006 to the junk yard and never deal with this dealership in particular, and Nissan cars in general. That includes one incident of billing for a service that was not done (money was refunded after I luckily discovered that and complained), one incident of expensive diagnostic and repair which did not make effect, and one incident when they refused to give an estimate (not even a rough one) for the service work and offered charging about $140 after taxes per actual hour spent til they make success in finding the cause of the malfunction, because there are "too many wires in that car". I am not sure if the personnel is so unskilled and not properly equipped, or Nissan does not provide proper equipment, training and methodology, or something else. Whatever the reason is - never again. "