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Nelson Ford


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623 Railway Street, Nelson, British Columbia V1L 1H5 Directions
Sales: (250) 352-7202

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1 Review of Nelson Ford

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September 08, 2016

"Leon in service has a poor attitude. "

- ScoobyDoo23

I had my vehicle towed into Nelson Ford via Ford Road Side Assistance, unfortunately on a holiday on which they were closed. From the moment I called them the very next morning at opening hours to tell them what was going on with my vehicle... I got a terrible attitude from Leon. I had to call back and forth with him for a few days to get the issue dealt with and even had to get Trail AM Ford involved to pay my bill, which should have been covered under my extended warranty. Leon verbally expressed to me how he did not care how the problem got dealt with as long as he got it paid for and out of his hair. He was rude from day one, impatient with me, accusing me of blaming him (when I was just frustrated) all after telling him I appreciated the work he was doing and knowing it isn't his fault this happened to my vehicle... but Leon didn't seem to realize that it also wasn't my fault? He did not care about me as a customer and made himself very clear that he didn't. When I had first called and spoke to Leon I was told that they didn't have thier Transmission Technician for over 3 weeks... and that they had no courtesy car or rental available. I was told they would "have to diagnose the problem first" to make sure it was a transmission issue. To me, I thought this was ill advised and it should be towed to Trail AM Ford to be looked at as they did have a proper Technician on site. I have also dealt with Trail AM Ford before and felt they would know a little more about what might be going on. It was a huge cluster that could have all been avoided if just sent to Trail AM Ford. As soon as I called Trail AM Ford and spoke to Dave, he told me to just get Nelson Ford to fax them my invoice/work order and all was good! Easy as that! Trail AM Ford was so quick to help that it was a huge relief for me... All it took was one phone call. More help than I felt I received all week from Leon at Nelson Ford. I thought I would add also that I am not working and actively seeking work which Leon gave no sympathy or seemed to care about at all. I NEED my vehicle to do so, and being set back a week may not mean anything to Leon, but means a lot for me and my family's well being. I am so unimpressed with Leons work that I have contacted Ford Canada and spoke to the manager and owner of Nelson Ford. I am a huge customer service advocate, I work hard at doing a good job and Leon to me only works hard for himself... not how you keep customers coming back! I called this morning to get a ride into Nelson from Robson (where I live) and was told they don't normally do that but he will figure out what they can do, and will have to get back to me... So I could sit here all day waiting for a call when I am wanting to make chicken pot pies today... thanks for the help Leon! Not!!! What a joke. I will never work with Nelson Ford again in my life, and neither should you.

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