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Leslie Ford Motors Harriston


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73 Elora Street , Harriston, Ontario N0G 1Z0 Directions
Sales: (519) 338-2310

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1 Review of Leslie Ford Motors Harriston

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September 02, 2016

"Horrible customer service"

- DisappointedinWindsor

This was easily the worst car buying experience I have ever had. I wanted to purchase a Ford Transit Connect Titanium wagon. After searching dealer websites all over Ontario, I finally found one at this location (3.5 hours away from my home in Windsor). Unfortunately, this was a demo with 10k on it. They offered a 1500 discount but would not go any lower. That seemed low to me, I tried to get 3000 off, which seemed more reasonable, but they wouldn't budge. They also wanted to include winter tires that I didn't want and refused to take them off to lower the price. Eventually I agreed to their offer with the tire since it was my only option. Once I arrived to pick up the vehicle, we looked over the vehicle, since it was the first time I was seeing it, and found a few problems. Two plastic pieces on the rear seat fell off when we tried to lower the seats, the passenger sliding door was sticking the first few times I opened it and we could not raise one of the rear seats after lowering. I showed the salesman and he had a service guy look at it. The service guy was rude, like we woke him up from a nap to look at this. The plastic pieces were snapped back on, the seat not lifting was because we weren't doing it in the right order and we couldnt get the door the stick again. I felt better about the car but I wanted to take it for a drive to make sure everything else was working. Seems reasonable right? Apparently not to the sales guy who told me he didn't have time to "monkey around with this since he was the only one there". I was ready to walk then and there but since I drove 3 and a half hours I let it slide. We went for the drive and went back to his office to sign the paperwork. I asked him to remove the extended warranty since i was told it would save me 800. Well this was apparently the worst thing I could have asked for. The sales guy responded: "so I have to do this all over again?", like how a five year old would respond if you asked them to clean their room. At that point I asked to speak to the manager, which of course is not there. I was done dealing with this man child, so I walked out and drove 3 and a half hours home. Lesson learned, when you want to buy a 40000 car from Leslie motors, they are doing you a favour, so don't expect good service

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